About Lightsmiths Photography. A division of Malcolm Locker Ltd.

A photographer of much experience and work as far away as New Zealand, I offer my photographic skills to all who would like to use me - anytime, any (almost) place. I have been a photographer taking high quality photographs for many years for both commercial and personal use. Using digital, 35 mm and medium format  cameras, depending on requirements, few jobs are too much. (Mountaineering might be one.....).  As well as photographic commissions and assignments I have a selection of stock images and wall-art.




Photos can be one-off large ones, framed and ready for the wall, down to the small ones for web sites (which I also do) and all points in between, any subject. Semi-mass production items like bespoke postcards and flyers are also available.





Tian'anmen Square.The finished items can be in electronic image, for others to incorporate into something, or form part of a whole product, such as pictures for your home or office wall, folding cards, coasters, etc.

Apart from personal imagery  e.g.- portraits - I am adept in capturing events and functions, corporate and private. I am willing to travel well beyond Telford for the right project, even abroad. (I do not wish to leave the planet Earth, though)



Personal portraiture     Hotel promotion

Child photography




As a qualified trainer, I also provide photographic courses (and web design, too) on an individual or group basis, tailored to your specific needs.

Lightsmiths Photography is a division of Malcolm Locker Ltd.




Malcolm Locker BSc. CPhys MInstP MBCS CertEd(PCE)

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