Clun Green Man 2004

May Bank Holiday - April has just finished and Summer is surely on its way. It appears that it is at Clun where summer formally enters, driving the cold winter spirits away, at least for a while.

Below are a few pictures taken at Clun.

Dancin' before.....

Waiting and enjoying the Sun



Tranquillity itself  



Watchers and fighters abounded. Don't mess with the lady in black. (They don't like it upem.....?)

The site of the battle to be:       

Leading a procession, the Green Man enters Clun over the small bridge



And does battle with the Ice Queen, a chilly character. Funny thing is, there were plenty of people eating ice-creams. Is there something meaningful about that?

Upon the inevitable victory the procession and May Queen, thus summer, enters Clun


Which is an excuse for more dancing and merriment...... (As if one is needed!)



There is a castle and (on the festival day), a craft fair. Below are some pictures of both in no particular order.








One of several duck races. The ducks must have got really tired over the day, which got off to a quacking start.




Clun from the air (or so it seemed)


And a few pictures on my way home




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