Festival at the Edge 2004


Gosh! It only seems a few weeks since the Winter's Edge and here we are at this year's festival!

These pages  are a pictorial record of Festival at the Edge 2004. Not everything that happened is shown, but hopefully these pages give a flavour of the event.

Monday July 12th

and everything looks a little empty...

The water's being looked at and   

the grass is being mowed.


Tuesday July 13th


The showers have arrived and pegging out well underway


Wednesday July 14th

And the marquees arrive!        

   and erection begins  


A well earned rest by the start-up crew!

Thursday July 14th


A saw point.....   

Things taking shape now.


Nothing left too loos!  


And all is progressing well 

But..... !!!

When it rains, it rains.



After what seems like an eternity, things do brighten up, though.

Although we are well muddy now.

Friday July 15th

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