Festival at the Edge 2008


Last year, for the first time on an eon I didn't attend the storytelling Festival at the Edge; as the weather would have it, the event was abandoned on the Sunday owing to the torrential rain and flooding - a characteristic throughout the Midlands!

This year I went back but only took a few pictures using my new Canon G9, which performed well.

Artists appearing at the festival included:

Jan Blake
Tom Bliss
Peter Chand
Fiona Collins
Tony Cooper
The Democratic Republic of Djembe
Keith Donnelly
Amy Douglas
Pat French
Vergine Gulbenkian
Kelvin and Barbara Hall
Hand to Mouth Theatre
Andy Harrop-Smith
Nick Hennessey
Simon Heywood

Sohan Kailey Bhangra Dancers
Shona Kipling and Damien O'Kane
Graham Langley
Duncan McFarlane
Christine McMahon
Katy Mills
Daniel Morden and Oliver Wilson-Dickson
Pete Morton
New Scorpion Band
Professor Panic
Susan Raven
Simon Scardanelli

Graham Shackell
Small Blue Fish
Taffy Thomas
Sally Tonge
Tyburn Jig Theatre
Urban Gypsies
Liz Weir
Lucy Wells
Tom Bland
Hannah Snell
Richie Crossman
David Clarke

As I took less pictures (and they are not yet on the FATE site), the gallery is shorter this year but still, I hope, shows something of this great stortyelling event.


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