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Festivals Picture Gallery - a photo-journnal

Here are links to personal photos from a number of festivals, including the storytelling Festival at the Edge in Shropshire, Warwick Folk Festival, Bridgnorth Folk Festival, Clun Green Man Festival and a few of Bromyard Folk Festival. 

Where pictures are presented as an album, it is usually best to view the albums in 1024 x 768 resolution with full screen (F11) set on your browser.

** IN THESE PICTURES AND DON'T WANT TO BE? Just contact us and we'll remove you either by deleting the picture or cloning you out. (Even if you posed for the photographer!)**

Warwick Folk Festival 2012 As usual, a great weekend!
Festival at the Edge 2012 Amzamzing weekend - Facebook gallery.
Warwick Folk Festival 2011 A great weekend - Flash version
Warwick Folk Festival 2011 A great weekend - normal version
Farmer Phil's Festival 2010 Music in beautiful countryside
Warwick Folk Festival 2010 Another brilliant weekend!
Warwick Folk Festival 2009 Fine entertainment in this ancient town
Festival at the Edge 2009 Storytelling festival in the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games, Much Wenlock, thanks to Dr. William Penny Brookes.
Ironbridge Heritage Festival 2008 Anyone who decided to visit Ironbridge for this festival should have had a fantastic time, especially with the Much Wenlock Cultural Olympiad which was held at the same time
Festival at the Edge 2008 Storytelling in Paradise? Much Wenlock Storytelling
Oakengates Folk Festival 2007 In the Crown ...

Warwick Folk Festival 2007

 Look at HERE, too - WFF's own site

Folk Music and a drop of water...

Warwick Folk Festival 2006

Folk Music and a drop of water...
Festival At The Edge 2006 Stories and Music in a scorching weekend!
Oakengates Folk Day, 25 June 2006 Folk  Music in the park
Some from Bishops Castle Folk Weekend 2006 Stories and Music

The First Oakengates Folk Festival

Folk Music & Dance

Bridgnorth Folk Festival 2005

Just a few snaps

Warwick Folk Festival 2005.

Folk Music

Festival at the Edge 2005

Storytelling and music

 Lions Raft Regatta 2005 

Samples from over 200 raft pictures

Clun Green Man Festival 2005

Summer enters the Clun Valley and ol' Frostie has to go!

Bromyard Folk Festival 2004

Folk Music

Festival at the Edge 2004

Storytelling and music

Winter's Edge Festival 2004 


Clun Green Man Festival 2004

Traditional Fertility

Festival at the Edge 2003

Storytelling and music


Removal from the Images

If you are one of those people who have succumbed to the sad paranoia in this country that everyone is out to get you or yours then let me know and I'll remove you or blur you out once I am certain that you are genuine. Many images here are personal and all are editorial, seeking to tell a story which, if you are shown, you were a part of.



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