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One of my favourite activities is event/festival/concert photography, and the best way to see my work is via the links below.

Here are links to photos from a number of festivals, some of which I am an official photographer and others I only took a compact camera. 

All recent albums are on my Facebook page where is easy to share and communicate.

Hartlepool Folk Festival 2018

Bromyard Folk Festival 2018 - Friday & Saturday

Bromyard Folk Festival 2018 - Sunday
Maws Jazz Night 2018
Warwick Folk Festival 2018 - Thursday to Friday
Warwick Folk Festival 2018 - Saturday
Warwick Folk Festival 2018 - Sunday
The Eyes Have It 2018
Beardy Folk Festival 2018
Bedworth Folk Festival 2017 - Sadly now discontinued
Phoenix Alternative Festival 2017
Bromyard Folk Festival 2017
Bearded Theory 2017


Removal from the Images

If you are one of those people who have succumbed to the sad paranoia in this country that everyone is out to get you or yours then let me know and I'll remove you or blur you out once I am certain that you are genuine. All images are editorial, seeking to tell a story which, if you are shown, you were a part of.



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