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About Picture and Frame Sizes

Although pictures are available in any size you wish, there are a number of standard sizes in common use. Both imperial sizes and metric sizes are available and these are summarised below with the nearest equivalents side-by-side.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes

Imperial (inches) Metric (mm) Custom

24 x 20
20 x 16
16 x 12
14 x 11
12 x 10
10 x 8
9 x 7
8 x 6
7 x 5
6 x 4

600 x 500
590 x 420
500 x 400
420 x 300
400 x 300
350 x 280
300 x 240
300 x 210
250 x 200
230 x 180
210 x 150
200 x 150
180 x 130
150 x 100

Any size image or mount may be supplied according to your wish, including the so-called 'Digital' sizes of:

24 x 16 "
12 x 8 "
8 x 5.3 "
7.5 x 5 "
6 x 4 "

Mounts (or Mats in the USA) can be supplied, their purpose being to separate the art work from the frame and provide a safer environment. We use acid-free mountboard to avoid yellowing and damage to your picture.

Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio is the relative size between the long and short edges of your picture. As sizes change, this ratio changes and so parts of pictures need to be cropped (removed) to fit. This is fine on many pictures as room has been allowed for this, but some pictures are best presented as a custom size. A custom mount can be used to fit a non-standard-sized image into a standard size frame.

Larger and Non-Standard Picture Sizes

Images may be cropped to custom sizes - for instance, a square format suits many subjects.

Large sizes are available up to 40" x 30" nominal.

Commercial Use of Pictures / Dedicated "Shoots"

Images may be created and/or purchased for commercial use in which case negotiated commercial rates will apply. A few images are available from the Alamy site, but as yet no live concert pictures. Please contact me for commercial images and/or a dedicated "shoot".


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