Warwick Folk Festival 2005

Warwick Folk Festival is held in the grounds of Warwick School and most of the entertainment takes place there. That said, there are also plenty of things going on in the town, either dancing in the streets, mumming or pub sessions. Best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution with full screen (F11) set. Warwick is one of may favourite festivals with plenty to do (and buy!). The pictures are in the form of a gallery.


Breakfast in the rain - some new friends.

Photos include Niblik, The Rosinators, Rachel Unthank & the Winter Set, Gary Dunne, The Bills, Jed Grimes, Danansooz, Artisan, Wakefield Morris, Wharfedale Wayzgoose, Hereburgh, Bradshaw Mummers, Alhambra, Black Annis, Coventry Morris Men, Flossie Mallavialle, Feet First, James Raynard, Speake & Lowe, Tom Napper & Tom Bliss, Cross Current, Black Umfolosi 5, Danny & Joyce Macleod, Never Mind the Bocs, Niblik, Bellowhead, Keith Donnelly, Bonzo & Doris, David Wood, Mike Ryan & Pete Harris, Fionna Dunn, John Kirkpatrick, Sara Grey, The Waite Collective, Les Chauffeurs a Pieds,  Coope Boyes & Simpson, Dick Dixon and Kate Rusby.

 See Warwick Folk Festival's own site, too.             Hit here for Warwick 2005 Gallery


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