Warwick Folk Festival 2009

Warwick Folk Festival Pictures - 2009

I never got to Warwick Folk Festival in 2008 but returned this year, the festival's 30th anniversary. The weather was pretty kind, especially on Saturday although Sunday was a little damp. The weekend's off-act highlights included a 10th wedding anniversary - the couple got hitched 10 years ago at the festival.

As ever, the weekend was full of entertainment both on the field and in Warwick town, where there were a variety of pub, cafe and street performances.


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Some of the acts appearing this year were:

Kate Rusby, Eric Bogle, Spooky Men's Chorale, Jim Moray, Kerr, Fagan, Harbron, Le Vent Du Nord, Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson, Damien O’kane & Shona Kipling, The Old Dance School, Wheeler Street, Rosie Doonan And The Snap Dragons, Mabon, The Navvy's Wife, Elbow Jane, The Wilsons, Tom Lewis, Martin Pearson, Tom Mcconville Band, Black Rat, Keith Donnelly, Brian Peters, The Tindalls, Jim Mageean, Kristy Gallacher, Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Pennyroyal, Hissyfit, Kimbers Men, The Qp, Megan & Joe Henwood, Tyde, Isambarde, Peeping Tom, Steamchicken, Hekety, Dr Sunshine, Sambassadors Of Groove, Chris Aronsten, Trí, Speake & Lowe, GU4, Bonzo And Doris, Jan's Van, The Panic Circus.


The photos don't include the artists' names, owing to time constraints. If you were there and you saw them, you'll know who they are!

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