Stokesay Castle


The Severn Valley Country Park ran an evening a while back to teach the ancient activity of well dressing. These are some photos of the event.

Creating the pattern on a wet clay base


People enjoying a creative spell!       



Our leader, teaching us about some of the plants and arriving at the well.  The well is a real one, originally the water supply for the village and the water tasted good, full of calcium from limestone deposits. And yes, it had been tested for safety, thank you.


Well dressing is an ancient tradition going pack many thousands of years to when it was thought that life-giving spirits lived in the wells. Christianity adopted this and made many of the venerated wells into Holy Wells. Many have now vanished but there are also still a large number around the British Isles available to see and in reasonable condition.


     A tray full of work and people dressing the well














The dressed well





This record would not be complete without Fido ( or whatever his name is) who thoroughly enjoyed the evening,
especially the wet bits!







And then 'twas time to go....



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