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Photography Training and Workshops Get to know your f-stop from your ISO

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I am a qualified adult teacher, and my photographic courses range from introductory levels through to advanced editing methods. I teach you how to get the picture as good as possible in the camera and the various techniques known to experienced photographers and artists. Variants of standard courses have been supplied to the local Telford colleges and have proved very popular.

By the time we have finished you will wonder why you ever used “Auto” and will be as far along the gaining of new skills as you choose.

With digital photography, you will need a PC and a way to get images onto it; we will discuss the best option for an editing software app, as you will need one.


1:1 Photography Training for Individuals



Aimed at people from absolute beginners to experienced snappers who wish to brush up their skills in photography and digital imaging, you will use you own camera and computer/software.

All 1:1 training is tailored to your needs, from learning about your camera right through to printing the images and preparing them for display.

You will need your own digital camera, computer and a card reader if one is needed during the course. You do not need expensive imaging software and you can choose your own. For those wanting the full gamut of options, there is the full Photoshop package – but it costs £££!

Training is very practical and hands-on. Some handouts will be provided but, as with all learning, you should bring your own materials to take notes.

Photography Courses for Groups


I can run courses with typically up to 10 students on them. Students are generally expected to have their own camera and their own computer and software with which they can become familiar; laptops are ideal for this. Phones and tablets are NOT!

These courses range from absolute beginners to more advanced subjects and can even involve overnight stays and travel to appropriate locations.

Training is very practical and “hands-on”. Whilst handouts will be provided students, as with all learning, should bring their own materials to take notes.



Photography Training for Organisations and Companies


Aimed at organisations who already use, and want to improve, digital imaging, students will use their organisation’s computers and software and ideally will work on their own images so that they work towards a personally useful result.

These courses are bespoke but may be variants of standard courses. Students will gain general photographic knowledge desirable at the taking stage, as well as topics such as image manipulation.

Owing to the variation (and cost) of cameras, students will need access to their own digital camera a card reader if one is needed during the course.

Training is very practical and “hands-on”. Whilst handouts will be provided, students should bring their own materials to take notes.